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The Team

Who We Are


Mariah Jerido

Founder & CEO


Mariah Jerido: | Producer | Director | Network Owner | Author| Model | Singer Songwriter

| Actor | Magazine-Editor -In-Chief | Photographer | Women Empowerment Life Coach

“The Woman On The Move” 

Mariah Jerido was Born on May 28, 1964 in Florence South Carolina but raised in Jersey City, New Jersey” later moving back to south Carolina at the age of 9. Mariah Graduated from Mayewood High School in Sumter, South Carolina in 1982. Home of the Vikings! In 2009 – 2012  it all started at Access Channel 21 TV Station Charlotte NC Mariah became a certified Producer, Director, Editor and produce her own TV shows at Access Channel 21 TV Station.

 Later on in life Mariah move to Atlanta Ga in 2013 to attend school at The Art Institute of Atlanta, Ga. studied Photography 2013-2015. In  2016 Mariah volunteer at People TV, Inc. Broadcast Media Atlanta, Ga. assisting with Camera and Floor Director for a year and never the less she is in love with music! started Traveling from Atlanta Ga back to Charlotte, NC. 2018-2019; to attend a Private Music School for Recording Engineering & Music Production Classes.  Now she's the CEO of her own network since 2019 – MJ OWN NETWORK. An Entertainment | Multimedia | Film and Studio Production Company that is committed to providing entertainment for the network, for a ‘World- Wide Audience’ and Diverse Audiences.

Rhonda Brown

Marketing Manager


Rhonda Brown began her own business (Ga. South Productions) in 2014. Ga. South Productions a Communications, New Media and Marketing business. The business began as Rhonda was in pursuit of her B.A. Degree in Creative Writing/English which she completed in 2017. She went on to complete her Masters in Communications, New Media and Marketing while still managing her business. Ga. South Productions offers a wide range of services which includes film production and editing, brand management, and creative writing. Some of Ga. South Productions work includes indie film production, filming and producing commercials, short films and special events. It also includes creating websites, social sites and logos.


Rhonda Brown is an unmanned aircraft pilot and is Drone Certified by the Federal Government and is also a member of the United States Press Association. Rhonda is also a talk show hostess. Her talk show It’s Your Business began in October 2019, first guest star was Mariah Jerido. Rhonda also filmed and compiled footage for Ms.  Jerido as
she produced her own reality show in 2017. Rhonda is passionate about promoting entrepreneurs. That passion compelled her to start her own foundation (The Black Owned Business Foundation) that helps struggling entrepreneurs with funding and education. Not only does Rhonda own Ga. South Productions, It’s Your Business Talk Show and The Black Owned Business Foundation, but she is also the only African American female on the City Council in
Pelham, Ga. and the Liaison for the Chamber of Commerce. Lastly, just to sweeten things a little bit more, she runs her own home-based bakery. 


Weiner Crumbly


Owner & CEO H.E.R.S by Weiner Weiner Crumbly (pronounced Way-ner Krum-blee), was born and raised in the UK. At age 17, she moved to the USA for college and after graduating, worked in clinical laboratory and leadership for many years. She left corporate America during the recent pandemic and moved into entrepreneurship full time. Weiner is a singer, songwriter, best selling author, financial consultant and business owner. As the CEO and founder or H.E.R.S by Weiner, she empowers women to overcome limited beliefs (including money mindset), write their empowering story or expert book and leverage multiple streams of income. She hosts ‘Step Out the Box’ radio show and is launching her new TV show called ‘ Minding HERS’ on MJ Own Network in 2023.


Michael Terry 


MJ Own Network Event Coordinator 

Michael Terry(Lil T3rry) raised in Minneapolis, MN and now  resign in Lawrenceville, Ga. Michael passion is actor, one of the reasons for Michael coming to Georgia! an now a business owner of two businesses, URnth3crib Foundation, and Nth3crib that specializes in working in the community! Michael background is Kid Hosting, Event Coordinating, planning, and production as well! 


Ebony Garvin  


MJ Own Network A&R

Ebony Garvin, a multi-talented artist, label owner, and TV show producer, has made a significant impact in the entertainment industry. Known for her mesmerizing performing shows, collaborations with A-list artists such as T.I. and Lil Wayne, and the success of her own artists, Ebony has become a force to be reckoned with in the bustling city of Las Vegas.


Born and raised in the heart of Georgia, Ebony Garvin discovered her passion for music at a young age. At 15 years old, she took her first steps into the enchanting world of melodies, captivated by the power of music to convey emotions and connect with people. Throughout her teenage years, Ebony honed her skills as an artist, pouring her heart and soul into every song she created.


However, Ebony's talent extended beyond music. Even before she reached grade school, she displayed an uncanny knack for scriptwriting. With a natural storytelling ability, she effortlessly crafted narratives that transported her audience into vivid worlds. Her passion for both music and scriptwriting acted as strong pillars upon which she would build her future career.


As Ebony Garvin ventured into the glimmering lights of Las Vegas, she found herself embraced by the vibrant local music scene. Through relentless hard work and dedication, she released her own songs, quickly gaining recognition for her unique style and magnetic stage presence. Her performances became eagerly anticipated events, drawing crowds from all corners of the city.


It was during this time that Ebony had the opportunity to collaborate with esteemed artists such as T.I. and Lil Wayne. These alliances not only elevated her own artistry but also served as a testament to her immense talent and potential. Ebony Garvin's name quickly became associated with high-caliber music and unmatched creativity.


Building on her achievements as an artist, Ebony decided to extend her reach and create her own label. Garvin Records, under her astute leadership, became a haven for emerging artists seeking a platform to showcase their talents. With a keen eye for talent, Ebony nurtured and guided these artists, helping them flourish within the competitive music industry. Her label soon developed a reputation for producing high-quality music, and the success of her own artists further solidified Ebony's influential status in Las Vegas.


Never one to shy away from new challenges, Ebony ventured into the world of TV production. With her sharp business acumen and artistic sensibilities, she successfully conceptualized and produced a captivating TV show that captivated audiences across the nation. Her ability to intertwine her musical prowess with visual storytelling distinguished her as a producer of extraordinary vision and versatility.


Ebony Garvin has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. From her roots in Georgia to her evolution in Las Vegas, she has never ceased to amaze audiences with her artistic prowess. As she continues to develop her craft and expand her creative endeavors, Ebony's name will undoubtedly remain at the forefront of the music and television world, ensuring her legacy as one of the most influential figures in the industry.

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