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MJ OWN NETWORK is an online subscription based Streaming TV platform. Entertainment, Multimedia & Film streaming live TV are committed to providing entertainment for the network. MJ OWN NETWORK is Building a LEGACY and NETWORK PLATFORM for the FUTURE of ENTERTAINMENT. We are dedicated to bringing you great content from Indie producers to big box office hits. Since 2019

Parallel Lines


MJ OWN NETWORK mission is to be a network that entertains, inspires and informs people across the world. Our target market is women, men, and teens of all ages. MJ Own Network will continue to provide an entertainment experience and inspiration through stories that touch the hearts of the world to live better lives. It is also the mission of MJ Own Network to provide content creators with a purpose and passion to build a legacy for the FUTURE of ENTERTAINMENT. Now is the time for a different kind of empowerment experience for all to have access to.

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