Mariah Marie Jerido 



CEO/Creator/Executive Producer

Mariah Marie Jerido (Ms. Pecan)



Jerido Productions Is an Entertainment/ Multimedia/Film and Studio Production Company that is committed to providing entertainment for the network, a World Wide Audience and Diverse Artists & Audiences. Building a LEGACY and NETWORK for the FUTURE of ENTERTAINMENT. We love helping all people who wanna be in the entertainment industry. We specialize in video filming, photography, movie television in our studio. We have Show Time In Paradise!  preparing people for all talent and modeling giving the opportunities to be in videos, magazines and be interview for the media and more.  Jerido Productions strives to bring the best out of all people.  We get them ready for the business in the professional world.  We do all the work, promoting and help to brand them. Please continue to visit our website and view our movement to help people live their dreams.



Ceo/Founder and Executive Producer, Well know as Ms. Pecan.  Written and produced “The Web Series” Beautiful By Jerido ( Majestic Role Models With Flaws) MRMWF is in the making and upcoming Web/Reality TV Show. The show started as a Dream for over 13 years ago.  Over the years Ms. Pecan has been building herself up until her near-death car accident happen May 24th, 2003 4 days before her birthday. (May 28th) leaving Ms. Pecan in a coma and awaken two months later from the coma in July 2003, leaving her scarred for life and wondering if her dreams were over. Ten years later One day She decided to follow her spirit and keep Hope alive and Faith in her.


  Ms. Jerido wanted more than what people could be helping her within Charlotte N.C. The feeling of she has outgrown the city she branded herself in for 26 years and wanting to accomplish bigger dreams that begin to push her elsewhere.  Dreams of wanting to move away from Charlotte North Carolina to Atlanta Georgia to pursue her career came true.  By making decisions to give up everything she had ever owned, a beautiful home, cars, antic furniture even leaving close friends and family behind. Excepting there may be hard times, struggles, Trails, Tribulation, and difficulties on her journey even remembering because of TBI but she would endure it all. On this journey, she wanted to do the unthinkable! go to college.  After Being left with Triaminic brain injury for life! her memory was a big problem.  Going to school was the biggest challenge of all but it would help her dreams come true as a photographer.  Ms. Jerido enrolled in The Arts Institute of Atlanta Georgia August 19, 2013.  

Ms. Jerido became homeless on the first day of school and had no idea where she would lay her head that day after school and had planned to sleep in her car so she can be in school the first day and her determination was truly remarkable.  Beautiful By Jerido  {MRMWF}  became a project by Ms. Jerido a year later. The Jer!do Productions came together after 14 years a dream coming to reality to help ordinary people heal turning their life around and help make them Beautifully Flawed Women and Men Role Models. She realized it won't be easy but she's never giving up.  Once she realizes this needs to be shared with the public the dream is going to become a web/TV series than a Reality show Project was planned.  The series follows a group of women and now men from all over sharing Testimonies about their dreams, goal, Trials, and Tribulations of life pains and obstacles.  A legacy was made to help women and now men.


Affiliated Shows


In 2014 I Wanna Be A Model Too- Ceo/Creator/Executive Producer Mariah M. Jerido

In 2017 Travelers LifeStylez- Ceo/Creator/Executive Mariah M. Jerido & Ceo/Creator/Executive Producer Stefanie Batiste